Whiteboards and Other Tips to Increase Workplace Collaboration

One of the important factors that help determine the success of any business is whether its employees can work together as a team. These days, as competition is increasing among businesses, it has become increasingly important for businesses to boost team spirit. Businesses might often have projects that cannot be handled by only one team. Hence, collaboration with other employees is vital (Newenham, 2014). It is important for businesses to come up with solutions that can help increase workplace collaboration. The following are a few tips that can help employees work together to achieve a common business goal:

Adopt an open communication method

In order for employees to engage better, employers can consider having daily or weekly meetings. These meetings can be a way for employees to update other team members regarding their current projects, difficulties faced by them, their goals etc. These kinds of meetings can be more effective if employers consider providing employees with a medium to explain their ideas to everyone. For example, employers can consider using whiteboards in their meeting rooms. By using boards during meetings, employees will be able to jot down their ideas for upcoming projects or explain challenges faced by them, etc. Employers can even consider using a whiteboard with stand for companywide communication. These boards can have information about every team’s weekly performance, tasks completed that day, etc. Hence, employers should consider adopting an open communication method that can help employees collaborate with each other.

Organize recreational activities

Employees might often get stressed due to working long hours regularly. Hence, businesses can consider planning a recreational activity every month. This activity can be a dinner party, a karaoke night, etc. By organizing these types of activities, employees will be able to have a relaxing evening with colleagues. This can help to strengthen relations among employees, thus, positively affecting their performance as a team. These activities can provide a break for employees from monotonous routines and help them connect with colleagues.

Adopt an open plan office layout

This kind of an office layout is being adopted by many organizations these days. Having an office with cubicles and partitions may often act as an obstacle for effective communication. Hence, employers can consider an open plan office layout, which can help foster team spirit. If teams are working on the same projects they will be able to communicate with each other more easily as there would not be any barriers (Workspace, 2016).

Companies can adopt an open communication method, open plan office layout and organize recreational activities to increase collaboration. Businesses can consider buying some tools required to implement these tips from online retailers. For example, businesses can buy whiteboards in Ireland from AJ Products. Businesses will also be able to buy a mini white board, office chairs, desks, etc, from their website.