Notice Boards and Artwork Help Use Wall Space Creatively

Recruiting good candidates is important for every business to be successful. However, even the best candidates will not be able to give their best work in a poor working environment. Hence, businesses need to consider external factors, which can affect employees’ productivity. One of these factors is the office set up as the physical workspace has an impact on employees’ productivity (Morgan, 2015). For this reason, it is important for businesses to create an office setup where employees and clients can be actively involved. The work environment also needs to be innovative and inspiring. The physical workspace includes the cafeteria, the office floor plan and even the office walls. Out of these, employers often prioritise furniture, equipment, carpeting, etc. but one of the factors that is neglected is the office walls. The following are some ideas businesses should consider to use their wall space creatively:

Notice boards

Instead of keeping office walls vacant, businesses can consider using notice boards. These boards can be one of the ways to promote internal office communication. Businesses can use a cork notice board to pin important information regarding conferences, social activities, deadlines, etc. Displaying such information on boards can help employees remember events for a long period of time (Boards Direct, 2015). Hence, notice boards are one way for businesses to use their wall space efficiently.


Another way to improve walls is by adding some art. Renowned companies such as the Bank of China, Facebook, Twitter, and Google have walls that feature murals. Murals and other forms of art, such as graffiti, doodles, etc. can be a great way to bring liveliness and energy to workplaces (Creative Bloq, 2014). Companies should have artwork that reflects their company culture and goals.

Outdoor walls

Along with using indoor wall space creatively, businesses should consider using outdoor wall space as well. Businesses can install outdoor notice boards, which can be used to display event information, notices, maps, directions, etc. Companies can even consider living green walls to enhance buildings’ aesthetics. These kinds of walls can help improve air quality, employee alertness and energy levels. Along with improving the building’s visual appeal, green walls can also help reduce noise (Ambius, n.d.).

Using notice boards, artwork and green walls are some of the ways to use wall space creatively. Businesses can purchase boards from online retailers. For example, businesses can consult AJ Products to purchase mobile notice boards, magnetic boards, etc. More information can be found on their website.