How to exercise at your office desk

The word exercise comes from the Latin word “exercere”, which means to be busy or practice. But, what many working individuals do today is: sit in front of the computer screen for 7-8 hours, go home, sit in front of the television screen while having dinner and follow the same routine for the entire week. This kind of a sedentary lifestyle is affecting your health more than you realise. Sitting for an extended period of time has often been linked to obesity, metabolic syndrome that includes symptoms such as increased blood pressure, excess body fat, etc. (Levine A., n.d.). In order to combat these harmful effects, you can consider bringing in a change to the way you work. For example, instead of opting for office furniture that includes conventional chairs, opt for an ergonomic chair. This kind of a chair allows its users to adjust the height, armrests, head support, etc. This can help you work comfortably and reduce the risk of neck pain. The following are similar tips that can help you keep yourself active, without moving from your office desk.

Neck rolls

You might often experience pain in your neck, while sitting in front of the computer screen for long hours at a time. In order to reduce this, you should sit up tall on your chair and drop your right ear on your right shoulder and hold for a few seconds. Next, repeat the same with the left side. Another exercise you can do is turn to your left, try to look over your shoulder and hold for some time; repeat the same with the right.

Leg extensions

One of the common problems of using conventional desks is that they cannot be customised according to the user’s requirements. This is often a problem for tall people, as their legs are not comfortable in the limited leg space. Hence, you can consider opting for adjustable office desks online that you can customise to suit your requirements. Once you have this kind of desk, adjust the height so you have enough leg space to stretch. Start with your feet flat on the floor. Next, raise one of your legs until it is level with your hip. Stay in the same position for 10 seconds and then slowly lower your leg. This can help relieve your tired leg muscles (Schneider J., n.d.).

March in place

According to Prevention Magazine, you will be able to burn 225 calories per hour while you are pacing or marching in place at your standing desk. Moving in the same place can also help stimulate brain activity, which will eventually make you more productive and energetic (Stand Up Desk Store, 2014).

Along with these simple exercises, you can also improve your health by taking stairs instead of the elevator, parking further away from your building to promote movement, etc. You can purchase suitable office desks in Ireland from online retailers and start bringing in a change in the way you work!

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