Tips for Organising Storage Shelves

The two main aspects of managing a warehouse are productivity and organisation. There are a number of reasons that make organising your workspace so important. Some of the most prominent ones are avoiding late deliveries of goods and minimizing the risk of workplace injuries. A well-organised workspace eventually translates into smooth flowing operations, better employee productivity and increased revenue. In order to maintain an organised working environment, you should start with some of the basic elements of every warehouse like storage shelves. Your warehouse shelving enables you to maximize the use of vertical space and organise products efficiently. Read the following points to learn about different ways for organising the storage of inventory.

Add labels

Just like supermarkets have labels for each aisle, you should also consider implementing the same practice. Without labels, it can get difficult for your work personnel to walk up to every shelf and check what is stored on it. However, with labels on your storage shelving your warehouse staff will know which aisle to go down to find exactly what they require.

Arrange By Category

You might have multiple categories of products stored in your workspace. If this is the case, you must make sure none of these product categories are mixed together. For example, if you are a clothing manufacturer, you should keep pants in one category and shirts in another. You can further divide these categories on the basis of brand, size, colour, etc. This will make it a lot easier for your staff to find the required products at the right time. While labelling these products, make sure you create broad and general categories for a streamlined process.

Stack Items Vertically

Stacking your goods vertically can make your warehouse look neater and save more on your floor space. You can even buy storage shelves online that come with add-on units for increasing the height of your basic shelf. While stacking merchandise, you need to make sure that the heavy goods are stored at the bottom and the lighter ones on top. This can help eliminate the risk of injuries and major product losses.

Keep Aisles Clear

The more cluttered your aisles, the harder it will be for your employees to find goods on time. Hence, make sure you have enough space between the storage shelves. This can help ensure anyone can easily walk through the warehouse looking for something without running into obstacles in the aisles (Belcher L., n.d.).

Delegate Tasks

To make sure goods are stacked properly and there is no risk to any of your employees, you should delegate set tasks to certain employees. For example, one individual can be responsible for keeping the aisles clear, while another can take care of changing the labels on your shelves on a weekly or monthly basis.

Adding labels, arranging goods by category, stacking items vertically and delegating tasks are some ways that can help you organise your storage units and eventually your workplace.

How to exercise at your office desk

The word exercise comes from the Latin word “exercere”, which means to be busy or practice. But, what many working individuals do today is: sit in front of the computer screen for 7-8 hours, go home, sit in front of the television screen while having dinner and follow the same routine for the entire week. This kind of a sedentary lifestyle is affecting your health more than you realise. Sitting for an extended period of time has often been linked to obesity, metabolic syndrome that includes symptoms such as increased blood pressure, excess body fat, etc. (Levine A., n.d.). In order to combat these harmful effects, you can consider bringing in a change to the way you work. For example, instead of opting for office furniture that includes conventional chairs, opt for an ergonomic chair. This kind of a chair allows its users to adjust the height, armrests, head support, etc. This can help you work comfortably and reduce the risk of neck pain. The following are similar tips that can help you keep yourself active, without moving from your office desk.

Neck rolls

You might often experience pain in your neck, while sitting in front of the computer screen for long hours at a time. In order to reduce this, you should sit up tall on your chair and drop your right ear on your right shoulder and hold for a few seconds. Next, repeat the same with the left side. Another exercise you can do is turn to your left, try to look over your shoulder and hold for some time; repeat the same with the right.

Leg extensions

One of the common problems of using conventional desks is that they cannot be customised according to the user’s requirements. This is often a problem for tall people, as their legs are not comfortable in the limited leg space. Hence, you can consider opting for adjustable office desks online that you can customise to suit your requirements. Once you have this kind of desk, adjust the height so you have enough leg space to stretch. Start with your feet flat on the floor. Next, raise one of your legs until it is level with your hip. Stay in the same position for 10 seconds and then slowly lower your leg. This can help relieve your tired leg muscles (Schneider J., n.d.).

March in place

According to Prevention Magazine, you will be able to burn 225 calories per hour while you are pacing or marching in place at your standing desk. Moving in the same place can also help stimulate brain activity, which will eventually make you more productive and energetic (Stand Up Desk Store, 2014).

Along with these simple exercises, you can also improve your health by taking stairs instead of the elevator, parking further away from your building to promote movement, etc. You can purchase suitable office desks in Ireland from online retailers and start bringing in a change in the way you work!

Create a User-Friendly, Happy Workplace in Your Office

Every business owner has a desire to ensure that the work done in his/her office is of top-notch quality and to increase office productivity. In order to achieve this result, business owners, CEOs, managers, and other people in high positions must make their workplaces user-friendly and fun for their employees. This has several advantages such as increased work focus by employees, improved interaction and collaboration, and an overall increased sense of satisfaction amongst employees. The effects of these advantages are long-term and are very important to achieve a happy workplace. Be it quality office furniture, employee incentives, monthly activities or other aspects, there are a lot of factors that can be worked on to achieve these advantages. The following points explain a few ways in which a business owner, or a person in a managerial post, can start making their offices as user-friendly and happy as possible.


Provide Helpful Facilities for Employees

Until the turn of the century, computer systems, telephones and coffee machines were some of the only facilities provided to employees. The reason for this is that such equipment can prove to be extremely useful for employees and can help to make them do their work better. For example, providing an internal telephone communication can help employees communicate better with different teams in a single office. But, over the last decade, numerous useful facilities have started to be incorporated in offices. Some of these include free Wi-Fi, laptop charging points connected to furniture like conference tables, lockers for keeping personal belongings, etc. Providing these facilities can help put employees in a good mood; being in a good mood can improve productivity by at least 12% (Prigg M. 2014). All these factors can help ease the way employees’ work at their desks, or even in other spaces like conference rooms.


Provide Comfort to Employees

In most offices in the corporate environment, an average workday is about 8-9 hours long, and may require the employees to sit for long periods. Sitting for a long time in the same position may cause strain on the body. This strain might cause staff discomfort and make them assume slouching positions while sitting. Working in an uncomfortable manner may cause employees to lose focus, which could affect their work productivity (Nerd Fitness, 2017). Hence, to avoid such issues, employers should provide ergonomic desk chairs as well as conference chairs to their employees so that a certain level of comfort can be maintained. Another way of providing comfort is through the use of height-adjustable desks. By using these desks, employees can adjust the desk height as they wish. This can help them to change their working posture throughout the day, thus reducing strain on the body.


Apart from these aspects, there are other environmental factors that also improve employee satisfaction and well-being such as incorporating the right aesthetics, color schemes, lighting, etc. More information can be found on the Internet.


Factors to Consider While Choose Locker Storage Solutions

Storage is an issue not only faced in households but also in offices and other business areas. To properly store a variety of personal items and work wear, businesses can make use of locker cabinet solutions. Lockers offer features such as durability, security, space saving and more. Before buying these lockers, businesses need to keep certain factors in mind, which are briefly explained below. Considering these factors can ensure that businesses choose the right kind of lockers to efficiently fulfill their storage needs.



Locker cabinets are a good option for storing clothing items and other associated products in places such as gymnasiums, sports clubs, water sports parks, etc. The lockers are mostly set up in the changing rooms of these places, where people can visit to change clothes, take a shower or just catch their breath after their participation in a sporting activity is done.However, due to the presence of factors such as water and sweat, locker rooms may experience a build-up of moisture and humidity. These aspects could be detrimental towards lockers made of metals and alloys, as they may contribute towards rusting and deterioration. Hence, before buying locker cabinets, businesses should carefully judge the environment and select lockers made out of specific materials that will suit the environs and offer protection. In case of the above-mentioned areas, businesses can make use of plastic lockers, which are not affected by damaging factors like moisture and humidity (Shelving Guy Blog, 2015) In contrast, metal lockers provide more security and durability, and can be considered as the best option to use in areas such as school hallways, large company offices, etc.


Environment and Space

The space required to set up furniture like lockers depends on the area where they are to be placed. For example, in schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutes, a large space is needed for setting up lockers due to the high number of students using them every day. In this case, the educational organizations can set up school lockers in the form of tall cabinets with minimal compartment width such as 4 door lockers, 6 door lockers, and others. Several of these can be nested side by side so that multiple students can access these lockers in the same space.In contrast, industrial businesses can make use of mesh lockers, which are made of a robust wire mesh structure. This construction means that the stored contents are visible even after the lockers are closed.They consist of separate compartments for storing items like helmets, torches, coveralls, gloves, etc.Such compartmentalization makes the lockers most suitable for use in spaces where space saving is needed. These options are best suited for places such as warehouses, factories, construction sites, etc.These factors should be considered by businesses before buying any lockers.



Apart from using lockers, it is also important for businesses to invest in some locker accessories. These accessories can be decorative to make the lockers more attractive and/or can be functional. For example, accessories such locker magnets, wallpapers, etc. are a great way to make plain school lockers appear more interesting for students in school. In contrast, accessories such as floor rugs are functional. Lockers can be kept on the floor rugs, thereby protecting the floor surface from damages. Mirrors and locker chandeliers do both, offering function and making the locker look more appealing. The chandeliers can be a source of light, especially for spaces such as gymnasiums and other sports areas, where more light may be required inside lockers for better visibility (eBay, 2014).

Evolution of Office Desks and Items Placed On Them

Over the past few years, it is not only the amount of work that has changed but the workspaces have undergone changes too. The early 1900s was a time of Frederick Taylor’s “scientific management”. During this time, offices looked like production lines, where employees were evenly spaced along rows of desks in an open room. The owners and managers had separate offices to establish authority. This office layout led to an organized workplace but lacked privacy. In the 1950s, the Schnell brothers from Germany created a new concept, called the Bürolandschaft, which means “office landscape”. This concept was intended to get rid of hierarchies and enhance communication; desks were grouped together with large screens to offer privacy (Robinson C., 2016).

Since the office design has changed drastically changed, the furniture used has evolved too. Consider the desk used in an office today. It does not look anything like the ones that were used in the 1900s, with a rotary dial phone, a typewriter, calculator, etc. Along with the things placed on desks, their functionality has evolved too. The following points explain briefly the past and present of office desks:

1960s- 2000

The 1960s saw mainly open plan offices. A desk during this time came with one or two drawers underneath, and was topped with a typewriter, telephone, calculator, Rolodex and a cigarette dispenser. The functionality and design of the desk did not change much in the ‘cubicle farm’ of the 1980s. The typewriter was replaced with a personal computer, a rotary dial phone with a cordless phone, and a fax machine was used. Table lamps and potted plants were commonly seen on desks during the 80s. Virtual offices were introduced in the 90s. More technological development was seen during this time. Telephones were substituted with mobile phones, desks came with ports for wires, monthly planners were added to walls. Post-its and floppy disks were common during this period.


The early 2000s was an era of casual offices, with workspaces that allowed both privacy and open communication. Floppy disks, wall planners, telephones, calculators, etc. were no more seen on a desk. By 2010 employers had started realizing the ill effects of sitting at a desk for a long period of time. Hence, standing desks were introduced. However, as standing the entire day also affected employees’ wellbeing, height-adjustable desks were introduced and are popular today. Thanks to these desks, employees can easily switch positions while working and minimize any discomfort (Smith H., 2016). Along with the desk providing employees with comfort, desks also had items that could help employees relax. For example, noise-canceling headphones were provided so that staff would not be disturbed while working (Rundle m., 2016).

There are retailers on the market who provide executive office desks and desks that are height-adjustable. AJ Products is one company that provides office desks in Ireland. More information about their products can be found on their website.






















































































































Notice Boards and Artwork Help Use Wall Space Creatively

Recruiting good candidates is important for every business to be successful. However, even the best candidates will not be able to give their best work in a poor working environment. Hence, businesses need to consider external factors, which can affect employees’ productivity. One of these factors is the office set up as the physical workspace has an impact on employees’ productivity (Morgan, 2015). For this reason, it is important for businesses to create an office setup where employees and clients can be actively involved. The work environment also needs to be innovative and inspiring. The physical workspace includes the cafeteria, the office floor plan and even the office walls. Out of these, employers often prioritise furniture, equipment, carpeting, etc. but one of the factors that is neglected is the office walls. The following are some ideas businesses should consider to use their wall space creatively:

Notice boards

Instead of keeping office walls vacant, businesses can consider using notice boards. These boards can be one of the ways to promote internal office communication. Businesses can use a cork notice board to pin important information regarding conferences, social activities, deadlines, etc. Displaying such information on boards can help employees remember events for a long period of time (Boards Direct, 2015). Hence, notice boards are one way for businesses to use their wall space efficiently.


Another way to improve walls is by adding some art. Renowned companies such as the Bank of China, Facebook, Twitter, and Google have walls that feature murals. Murals and other forms of art, such as graffiti, doodles, etc. can be a great way to bring liveliness and energy to workplaces (Creative Bloq, 2014). Companies should have artwork that reflects their company culture and goals.

Outdoor walls

Along with using indoor wall space creatively, businesses should consider using outdoor wall space as well. Businesses can install outdoor notice boards, which can be used to display event information, notices, maps, directions, etc. Companies can even consider living green walls to enhance buildings’ aesthetics. These kinds of walls can help improve air quality, employee alertness and energy levels. Along with improving the building’s visual appeal, green walls can also help reduce noise (Ambius, n.d.).

Using notice boards, artwork and green walls are some of the ways to use wall space creatively. Businesses can purchase boards from online retailers. For example, businesses can consult AJ Products to purchase mobile notice boards, magnetic boards, etc. More information can be found on their website.

Whiteboards and Other Tips to Increase Workplace Collaboration

One of the important factors that help determine the success of any business is whether its employees can work together as a team. These days, as competition is increasing among businesses, it has become increasingly important for businesses to boost team spirit. Businesses might often have projects that cannot be handled by only one team. Hence, collaboration with other employees is vital (Newenham, 2014). It is important for businesses to come up with solutions that can help increase workplace collaboration. The following are a few tips that can help employees work together to achieve a common business goal:

Adopt an open communication method

In order for employees to engage better, employers can consider having daily or weekly meetings. These meetings can be a way for employees to update other team members regarding their current projects, difficulties faced by them, their goals etc. These kinds of meetings can be more effective if employers consider providing employees with a medium to explain their ideas to everyone. For example, employers can consider using whiteboards in their meeting rooms. By using boards during meetings, employees will be able to jot down their ideas for upcoming projects or explain challenges faced by them, etc. Employers can even consider using a whiteboard with stand for companywide communication. These boards can have information about every team’s weekly performance, tasks completed that day, etc. Hence, employers should consider adopting an open communication method that can help employees collaborate with each other.

Organize recreational activities

Employees might often get stressed due to working long hours regularly. Hence, businesses can consider planning a recreational activity every month. This activity can be a dinner party, a karaoke night, etc. By organizing these types of activities, employees will be able to have a relaxing evening with colleagues. This can help to strengthen relations among employees, thus, positively affecting their performance as a team. These activities can provide a break for employees from monotonous routines and help them connect with colleagues.

Adopt an open plan office layout

This kind of an office layout is being adopted by many organizations these days. Having an office with cubicles and partitions may often act as an obstacle for effective communication. Hence, employers can consider an open plan office layout, which can help foster team spirit. If teams are working on the same projects they will be able to communicate with each other more easily as there would not be any barriers (Workspace, 2016).

Companies can adopt an open communication method, open plan office layout and organize recreational activities to increase collaboration. Businesses can consider buying some tools required to implement these tips from online retailers. For example, businesses can buy whiteboards in Ireland from AJ Products. Businesses will also be able to buy a mini white board, office chairs, desks, etc, from their website.

Factors to Consider before Purchasing Workbenches

There are many ways to use workbenches both in workshops and warehouses. It is important to check for different configurations before making costly purchases. Workbenches are used for both storage and for their ample working surface. It is important to keep employees’ requirements in mind before purchasing workbenches. Businesses should consider factors like ergonomics, size, materials, storage capacity, etc. Some of these considerations are explained below.


The size of workbench required can be determined by a few factors. Firstly, businesses should look at how much space the bench will take up. If the work area has limited space then businesses should not invest in large standard sized benches. In such spaces compact or mobile workbenches may be more effective.


Another aspect businesses should look at is storage capacity.With proper planning, businesses can invest in benches that will addressall the storage needs of the workshop floor. Storage for workbenches is available in different sizes and designs. They may have features like shelving or drawers. Businesses should determine what items need to be stored and how muchthey weigh. This will help them choose furniture that has the right capacity.


Workbenches can be used to keep tools, materials, etc.organized and neat. Having an organized work area will eliminate the need for employees to waste time looking for the tools or parts they need. This can help increase employee productivity. Businesses that have to work with many small parts, nuts and bolts should invest in benches with divided drawers. (Monkey bar storage, 2016). These drawers can help employees stay organized and ensure they do not lose supplies unnecessarily.


Good lighting is essential in any work area. Working in improper lighting can add to stress and is harmful for the eyes. Some workbenches come with their own built-in light fixtures. Businesses must determine if the work room is well-lit. If not then they can invest in benches with light fixtures.

A clean, neat and organized work area is less hazardous, more productive and efficient. Businesses should take the time to select benches that will be comfortable for employees to use and conducive to productivity. One company which supplies workbenches Ireland is AJ Products.  More information and details can be found on their website.

Selecting Office Furniture for Different Areas of the Office

Workspaces have to be designed and furnished with thought and care. Apart from the aesthetical purposes of selecting quality furniture, equipment, carpets, wall-hangings, etc, organizations must also keep in mind the functional value of such items. For entrepreneurs, small businesses and start-ups, hiring an interior designer might not be a viable option. However, such organizations can still plan and set-up their workspaces in a productive and pleasing manner. By investing in acoustic wall panels, ergonomic furniture, workstations, and good lighting, organizations can help make their workspaces more productive and efficient. This is because factors such as ergonomic furniture and workstations help employees’ health and thus directly impact their efficiency (Newtek, 2013).

Organizations might find it easier to plan and arrange workspaces if they divide offices into functionality-based segments. Where furniture is concerned, in particular, companies can invest in furniture appropriate to the following areas in an office:

Executive Offices

Stylish and compact executive office furniture could be selected according to the size of executive cubicles.Companies could consider investing in sturdy wooden or light-framed metallic desks that could be paired with an executive chair. The table or desk should have enough drawers for storage of files and folders. Picking laminated wood in muted tones could give executive rooms a professional look. Companies could match this with brighter toned wall-hangings.


Employees might conduct various manual filing and writing tasks or computer-based activities from their workstations. This usually involves a lot of sitting, which is not good for health. Keeping this in mind, workstations need to be ergonomic. There are options in height-adjustable tables as well as ergonomic chairs that provide back-support. Employees can adjust these items to best suit their needs. Each workstation could also be paired with a locker for employees to store their personal belongings. This could help keep desks uncluttered.

Conference Halls

Glass oval tables are great options for conference room furniture. Metal chairs with black or white leather coverings could be paired well with a glass conference table. Companies should also consider allocating space for projectors and whiteboards inside conference rooms. These furnishings not only add aesthetic value they also perform valuable functions.

Reception Areas

The reception area is the first thing visitors to an organization’s office see. The area will set the tone for how potential clients perceive the business. The business’s name should be clearly displayed somewhere in the reception area. Comfortable seating should be provided for visitors to sit and wait. Companies can purchase metallic or wooden office furniture, as well as office accessories from AJ Products. More information is available on their website.